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Custom Made Jewelry

Create your own customized piece.

MAG Creation focuses on delivering unique designs & high quality craftsmanship.
We guarantee our products meeting customers' needs with full satisfaction.
Putting effort and time in the design process, you create the most invaluable and meaningful jewelry for yourself.

If you are eager to own a unique piece, custom-made jewelry is your choice.

Step 1

Let us know what you think!

Tips: You can start with the elements you like, or finding reference from our past work / the internet, in order to discover what kinds of design you want.

Step 2

Explore your ideas with our designers, to reach a preliminary concept image & quotation.

Step 3

Select the perfect main stone for your design, based on your requirement and budget.

Step 4

Communicate with our designers. Confirmation of design and final quotation.

Step 5

Production Begins —— By our own professional craftsmen.

Step 6

From inspiration to realisation.