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Jewelry Transformation

Transforming your precious jewel.

Let time slip, but the heritage value of every jewelry piece is irreplaceable.

MAG Creation dedicates to high quality craftsmanship and unique design, to preserve the precious story of you and your beloved ones —— This is why we offer Jewelry Transformation, storing your most precious stories in the state-of-art piece.

Whether your family treasure or the deserted piece in your jewelry box, can be transformed and remain stunning.  Diamond, gems, jade, pearl or gold, dismantled from the old ones, will be recycled and prominently presented in the brand new design.

Step 1

Show us the piece of jewelry you want to transform, so we can know what part of the jewelry is reusable (e.g. Diamond, Gemstones, Gold, Pearl, Jade).

Step 2

Explore your ideas with our designers, to reach a preliminary concept image & quotation.

Step 3

Communicate with our designers. Confirmation of design and final quotation.

Step 4

Production Begins —— By our own professional craftsmen.

Step 5

From inspiration to realisation